Where is there clutter?

Really, I would like to know.

I don’t think I’ve shared here yet, but if my life couldn’t get any more stressful, the person who owns the place where I am presently staying has decided to sell. What does that mean for me? Well, for an individual who really doesn’t have a lot of trust in any member of the human race right now, I need to deal with strangers walking through my space up until I move.

I would move out of this place before the place went up for sale in any other circumstance. I would just up and leave, relocating before I ever needed someone walking through my space that I don’t know, in any other circumstance. Stupidly, I only relocated here like two months ago. Stupidly, this was supposed to be my safe-space until I moved provinces. Stupidly, it would be stupid to move again, before I am moving provinces so soon. Stupidly, this entire situation is fucking stupid.

The other day I had a realtor show up at my place and tell me that

  • My house is dull and lacks all decoration and personality
  • My house is dirty
  • My house is cluttered

My house is none of those things. But whatever. She sells real estate, so I am sure she’s speaking from a place of what she tells every fucking client she deals with and she’s sold the person who owns this house on a whole “plan of attack” that involves her getting the most money possible for cleaning and staging and de-cluttering.

I’m getting anxious about having my house, floor plan and pictures that contain all of my things, available online for the world to see.

I’m getting anxious about having strangers walking through my space without me around.

I’m getting anxious about being told to up and leave at a moment’s notice for people to get into my space.

I’m stressed out. I’m stressed out and wondering if there’s really any more stress the world can throw at me this year.

Moving is stressful enough for people selling houses. I’m not even selling my house. I just have to put up with all of this shit for someone else so that I don’t hinder them from being able to sell their place.