Life Updates.

I miss living alone.

COVID this time around has kicked my ass. I don’t say that to sound like I’m trying to scare anyone, I say that to say that as someone who’s now been through it three times – the third was the worst.

I still have a cough. My best friend is a nurse and she says the cough can last several months. I had a bit of a cough the second time around, but it was so much milder. I wouldn’t even compare as to how much more mild the second time was.

All that being said, aside from the cough, I think I am over the worst of COVID. I spent 7 ish days sleeping most of the day, and that really helped. When you have COVID there isn’t much else you really can do. (As I am sure a lot of you have realized) I did take some Tylenol, that I was told would help with fever. I felt like I was living in the Sahara Desert because I was so hot, so I don’t know how much the Tylenol actually did. We’ll call it a placebo at this stage.

Two of the people I am living with are still in pretty bad shape. Suffice it to say, none of us have been anywhere lately. My friend (the aforementioned nurse) has said that everyone seems to heal differently, so they could be sick for a while. We’ll see.

Also, I just want to say that when I am talking about all of the mess circulating around my personal life with bills and money owed and lawyers and whatnot, I’m just doing that to rant. I promise I am not asking for money. I would not ask someone to give me free money. This blog is my place to rant and always has been. So please don’t think that I am begging for money. At this stage, I’ve learned that the individual just took my personal identification information and essentially screwed me over… how does the saying go – seven ways from Sunday? So when I get new bills and learn of new situations that arise, I just want to complain. It’s not surprising to me that this stuff keeps happening though, not at this stage.

One day, when it’s through the courts, I will tell all about what happened to me and what specifically they did, to use as a warning sign for people to protect themselves and their identities. Until then, I just have to vaguely rant and then buck up and deal with it.

In other news, I had a job interview on Friday that was kind of creepy. The guy conducting the interview (which was done over zoom) asked me what I was like in high school, if I had a boyfriend in high school and some other really inappropriate questions for a job interview. I’m starting to remember how annoying it is to look for a job.

Perhaps I should’ve just accepted that job the other week. Though I really didn’t want it and didn’t think they were being fair, it probably would’ve, well I don’t know what I’m even saying.

To those of you who have been following me on Medium, I promised years ago I would provide an update on how well I do on the Platform. Would anyone actually be interested in learning how the platform works? It’s very similar to blogging, but you can earn money from the platform based on how often your stories are read. Well, I can explain it if people actually want to know how it works. Otherwise, though, I thought I’d share that they pay out monthly. July will be my third month in their earning program and this month, as of today, I have earned over $100 Canadian. As someone who doesn’t consider myself a very good writer, I don’t think that’s too bad for sharing thoughts/opinions.

I’ve been using the platform consistently for 3 months, trying to give it the real ‘go-getter’ effort, to see if it is all people brag it is – and it definitely takes time. But, as someone who isn’t a very good writer, I’m trying to prove that if you put effort into it, it can work.

Okay, I’ve been talking a lot. I have another job interview tomorrow. Hopefully this interview the individual doesn’t care about if I had a boyfriend in high school.

Blogging on Medium

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