Sometimes the road less travelled is the road best left behind…

I am leaving Alberta this week.

When I came to this province two years ago, I had such high hopes for the future I would build for myself here. Truth be told, I desperately wanted to be able to call this city home. It never really felt like that, though. Vancouver has always been my home.

Throughout the past two years, there were friendships made and friendships lost. There were some good times, some great times, some moments I will always remember and many moments I wish I could forget. I worked hard, really hard. At times harder than I thought was possible. I’m actually quite proud of how hard I’ve worked while here. I’ve had between 2-3 jobs at once throughout the past two years. Quite frankly, working hard is the reason I was actually able to survive the past eight months.

I’m leaving Alberta and I am not sad about it.

There’s something better for me, somewhere better in this world.


On Monday I had a job interview with a really fantastic company. They asked me for a second interview. In the email that I was sent, they said the second interview would be on Wednesday. In the invitation they sent for an interview, the date was Thursday.

Somehow these people all got in a call this morning, while I was thinking that tomorrow was my interview date.

When I sent the invitation for Thursday back to the HR individual she said “I cancelled that” with no other text in the email. Perhaps I’m reading tone to that, but damn, I didn’t invite myself to a meeting on Thursday. You know who doesn’t get cancellations for Microsoft Teams meetings? PEOPLE USING GMAIL AND NOT MICROSOFT TEAMS.

I’m so bummed. They offered to reschedule, but I’m sensing tone in the emails the woman is sending me. I didn’t invite myself to Thursday, but I have a feeling no one else is going to hear that.


The Law Firm Passed

They said ‘No thank you’ for my consideration for the marketing job at their firm. Apparently I don’t have enough professional experience.

You know how you get professional experience? By someone giving you a chance.

Oh well.

Onto the next.

Monday, Monday, Monday.

I had a job interview today. It was with a law firm looking for someone to take over their marketing initiatives to grow their presence.

The woman interviewing me loved me. She was the Business Development Director and she was so, so, so communicative and down-to-earth. When she asked me why I applied for this job, I told her it was because I love the television show Suits and that I wanted to see what the legal world was like from the inside.

She laughed and was like ‘Oh, girl you’re hilarious’. (Not a bad job faking it from a girl who has been dealing with severe depression for eight months)

We chatted for forty minutes, at the end of which she asked if I could add a few extra lines to my resume and send it back to her before she presented it to the Senior Partners.

She said that I have such a light-hearted personality that I am just the kind of person they need around the office and she’s going to recommend the Partners interview with me. (Again, not a bad job faking it from a girl who has been dealing with severe depression for eight months. Pat myself on the back for being such a good faker)

After all the legal woes I’ve been dealing with for the past eight months, wouldn’t it be a weird coincidence if the Universe landed me in marketing for a top Canadian law firm? What I absolutely need right now is to make good friends with some legal geniuses.

I didn’t accept the job offer that I got (that I spoke of last week). I decided it wasn’t right for me at this stage of my life. This job, I won’t lie, I’m interested in it. It’s not in the right city, but if it’s a good fight, I might consider it.

If you feel up for it, send some positivity to the universe for me that I find my way to the right place.