A quick note to my ex

If there is any chance that you’re still reading this blog, I want you to know that I hope you rot in hell. I say that lovingly, knowing that it is exactly what you deserve.

You’re a spineless, manipulative coward who wouldn’t know right from wrong if it fell from the sky and hit you clear on the head.


This is the worst bout of COVID that I’ve had.

It’s kicking my ass. Literally. My ass hurts. My everything hurts.

I had it mild before. I got lucky before. This time around has been no joke.

I got a job offer today.

I don’t think I am going to accept it. It’s not a good offer. It’s not anywhere near what is industry standard is, let alone what you should be paying someone like myself with the skills and knowledge I bring to the table. And I don’t say that to sound like I have a big ego. Heaven only knows self-confidence is something I lack in a lot of areas of my life. When it comes to work, though, I know just how good I am at my job.

I got a job offer today and it’s not up to snuff.

I feel like they’re taking advantage of the fact that I’m presently without work, thinking they can low-ball me.

I’m going to sit on it a couple of days and see what I think, if I get less offended by the salary offering and ridiculous stipulations by Friday.

Job Interviews Update

My first job interview this morning was for a really badass job. For real, I would love to have that job. It’s a tech company that operates in Silicon Valley that has recently opened a Canadian office in Vancouver and they’re looking for an Expansion Marketing Manager.

I’m just unsure of how the job interview went.

The problem is, I’ve had interviews that I thought went really well, and have never heard from the HR Person again. Then, I’ve had interviews I thought went terribly, and I’ve been offered the job. Of course, this creates confusion for me as I am questioning my ability to read people properly as of late.

The job that I interviewed for this morning would be a really great opportunity. But the woman, she seemed like she was only interested in the interview ending sooner. On the one hand, the discussion we had was great. On the other hand, the discussion we had was short.

Ohhhhhhh, I hope I hear from her again.

I’ve been ghosted more times job hunting than I ever was when I was actively dating.

I miss living alone

My new roommates have covid.


Tested positive last night.

Everyone in this house, except me, is sick.

I miss living alone.

I know that makes me sound selfish. I am in a lot of ways. I’m not afraid to admit that. Living alone was peaceful. I could do what I wanted when I wanted. I could walk around in my underwear. I never had to worry about someone coming home and making me sick.

Dear Employers

I had a job interview today and the salary the company is offering for the position is $40,000/year.

It costs $2,000 a month (before utilities) to live in a closet-sized studio apartment in Toronto.

Let’s say that utilities (heat, water, electric and internet) is $300/month (and that’s a low-end guess). $300/month x 12 months = $3,600 per year.

At this point, someone who lives in Toronto is paying a BARE MINIMUM of $23,600 annually if they accept your job. That is more than 50% of the $40,000 salary you offer… just to be able to exist in Toronto. That doesn’t include groceries. That doesn’t include paying for a cell phone. That doesn’t include transit to-and-from the office you require your employees to be at.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that you, as an employer, think that’s an acceptable salary to pay someone – anyone – to live and work in Toronto $40,000 annually, let alone someone with more than a decade of experience.

It is time that you value your employee’s worth, not your CEO’s profit margin. While you’re at it, how about you acknowledge the cost of living. Acknowledge the skills, time and understanding it takes to work in this industry. While you’re at it, let’s stop assuming that every person on this earth has a significant other, or a family member, who they can share expenses with. Some of us are just single. Some of us just want to make enough to be able to support ourselves. Some of us just want to be treated fairly.

Suffice to say, that job isn’t for me.

End rant.