Sometimes the road less travelled is the road best left behind…

I am leaving Alberta this week.

When I came to this province two years ago, I had such high hopes for the future I would build for myself here. Truth be told, I desperately wanted to be able to call this city home. It never really felt like that, though. Vancouver has always been my home.

Throughout the past two years, there were friendships made and friendships lost. There were some good times, some great times, some moments I will always remember and many moments I wish I could forget. I worked hard, really hard. At times harder than I thought was possible. I’m actually quite proud of how hard I’ve worked while here. I’ve had between 2-3 jobs at once throughout the past two years. Quite frankly, working hard is the reason I was actually able to survive the past eight months.

I’m leaving Alberta and I am not sad about it.

There’s something better for me, somewhere better in this world.

Conversations I’ve had with recruiters this week

Because job hunting can never be boring.

Recruiter: Why did you apply for a job with us?
What I said: I have heard great things about your agency and wanted to further my career by joining your talented team of strategists.
What I wanted to say: Because I like money and you pay money in exchange for work.

Recruiter: So where do we fit into your career plans?
What I said: The fact that your company markets and ships internationally would allow me to better grow my understanding of how different cultures affect what marketing tactics are needed. I would love the opportunity to grow and thrive in a truly international scaled business.
What I wanted to say: Since I was a little girl, it’s always been a dream of mine to sell industrial valves and gaskets.

Recruiter: I think that you would love working here. We’re all so close, it’s like working in a big family.
What I said: Terrific! I love the sound of that!
What I wanted to say: I’m so sorry! I just threw up a little in my mouth when I heard that.

Recruiter: Salary is dependent on experience.
What I said: So, based on my experience, what would you provide in salary?
Recruiter: We can definitely have a conversation about that at a later date?
What I wanted to say: Why are you so afraid to provide the truth about what you’re willing to pay for this position? Is the salary shit?

Recruiter: Culture is important to us.
What I said: Oh for me too!
What I wanted to say: I totally get it. Managers love control, and if a candidate looks like they can be easily controlled, I’m sure they’re way more attractive as a candidate than such a strong-willed, smart-ass like me.

Recruiter: So, we really think you’re fantastic, but unfortunately you don’t have the professional experience necessary to fill this role.
What I said: I totally get it, thank you so much for your time and keep me in mind when you’re looking for people in future, please!
What I wanted to say: You’ve had my resume for two and a half weeks. At no point in that time did you actually consider reading my resume to see how many years of professional experience I have? Could’ve saved us a lot of fucking time, no?

Recruiter: We’ll be in touch.
What I said: Fantastic! When do you think?
Recruiter: We’ll be in touch when we’re ready?
What I said: When?
Recruiter: We’ll have to work through some things and look at the paperwork and we’ll be in touch.
What I wanted to say: So… never?

Recruiter: Can you tell us your greatest weakness?
What I said: Well, I could, but given this is a job interview and I’m trying to impress you, that wouldn’t be very smart.
Recruiter: We won’t hold it against you.
What I wanted to say: Then why are you asking?

Recruiter: You seem under-qualified for this role.
What I said: What I lack in qualifications I make up for in a willingness to learn and a passion to work hard.
What I wanted to say: Then why are you wasting my time?

Recruiter: You seem overqualified for this role.
What I said: Well thank you for saying that. I work hard.
What I wanted to say: I am. You better hire me quick before I find someone who truly values my worth.

The Law Firm Passed

They said ‘No thank you’ for my consideration for the marketing job at their firm. Apparently I don’t have enough professional experience.

You know how you get professional experience? By someone giving you a chance.

Oh well.

Onto the next.