More bills.

Today I got a bill for $6,800.

Please, please, please don’t ever give your personal/financial/identity information to anyone. I don’t care if you can think that you can trust them. It’s just so, so, so much safer to keep that information to yourself. It’s so much safer.

Don’t make the mistake I’ve made. Protect your information.

10 thoughts on “More bills.

    1. Honestly, I’m not shocked at this stage. I got screwed and my lawyer thinks that there’ll be more coming out of the woodworks because people like this, when they get access to information, they take everything they possibly can. It’s frustrating each time it happens. It’s defeating. It’s maddening. But at this point, it’s not surprising to me.

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  1. What the fuck? And your ex boyfriend caused this? So fucking pathetic.

    At first I thought you meant a lawyer bill but from the comments realised it’s way more horrifying than that. Inexplicable. Isn’t this theft prosecutable? I don’t get how they seemingly became this total supervillain with no fear of repercussions. But anyways I guess you can’t answer that yet.

    Will take your advice for sure.


  2. It may not happen soon but karma will make them pay. You get what you give. It just sucks that you are suffering on their behalf. I can’t imagine knowing someone who is as heartless/greedy as this person is much less giving them my information. Life lessons are never easy.


  3. Everyone agrees that this a serious, unforgivable mess so I won’t add my two cents worth on that topic. I want know how your COVID is. I also want to remind you of that inner strength and resilience, the stuff thats gotten you this far. As useless as these words are, I urge you to hang in there. You are loved and valued by many, many people. ❀❀


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