Job Interviews Update

My first job interview this morning was for a really badass job. For real, I would love to have that job. It’s a tech company that operates in Silicon Valley that has recently opened a Canadian office in Vancouver and they’re looking for an Expansion Marketing Manager.

I’m just unsure of how the job interview went.

The problem is, I’ve had interviews that I thought went really well, and have never heard from the HR Person again. Then, I’ve had interviews I thought went terribly, and I’ve been offered the job. Of course, this creates confusion for me as I am questioning my ability to read people properly as of late.

The job that I interviewed for this morning would be a really great opportunity. But the woman, she seemed like she was only interested in the interview ending sooner. On the one hand, the discussion we had was great. On the other hand, the discussion we had was short.

Ohhhhhhh, I hope I hear from her again.

I’ve been ghosted more times job hunting than I ever was when I was actively dating.

5 thoughts on “Job Interviews Update

  1. Good luck! Sometimes I’ve had candidates, that interviewed well, and was on my to be hired list, that ultimately got out voted by my superiors. ( though id make sure to explain to them either way). So dont judge yourself harshly, as circumstances may not necessarily be any fault of yours. Don’t let it whittle away your confidence.


  2. HR ghosting is one of my biggest pet peeves. So friggin’ unprofessional. I mean, at least click a button in your Applicant Tracking System to send a form email!


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