I got a job offer today.

I don’t think I am going to accept it. It’s not a good offer. It’s not anywhere near what is industry standard is, let alone what you should be paying someone like myself with the skills and knowledge I bring to the table. And I don’t say that to sound like I have a big ego. Heaven only knows self-confidence is something I lack in a lot of areas of my life. When it comes to work, though, I know just how good I am at my job.

I got a job offer today and it’s not up to snuff.

I feel like they’re taking advantage of the fact that I’m presently without work, thinking they can low-ball me.

I’m going to sit on it a couple of days and see what I think, if I get less offended by the salary offering and ridiculous stipulations by Friday.

5 thoughts on “I got a job offer today.

  1. On one hand, the job search is getting results so that’s something. On the other, it’s lower than what you need or feel respected by.

    Trust your gut. If need be, you could get something else that allows you to keep searching while you get by with bills. You have enough stressful stuff going on.


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