I am just whining.

Please take this for what it is, a girl whining about losing something frivolous.

When I moved out of my house at the end of June, I lost my AirPods.

I’m not someone who’s hugely into material things – I care more about people and places over things. However, being without my AirPods has really disrupted my life in more ways than I thought possible.

For starters, one of the things that has really gotten me through the past eight months is my best friend. We’ve talked every day – some days for hours on end. (I mean it – on a particularly bad day in May, my best friend talked to me for nine hours. Which, you know your best friend is about as good as they come when they cannot physically get to you so they spend nine hours talking to you on the phone) Having the AirPods so effortlessly connect to my phone meant that I didn’t have to physically carry around the phone with me. I could go hands free, and do things like make dinner, while talking, never having to worry about if they could hear me.

I’ve also been leaving myself voice memos, for months now. I know people told me that I should write down how I am feeling, but I found it easier to speak it a lot of days. The microphone in the AirPods is so clear that I was able to leave really clean, crisp audio in these clips. I told myself I was going to store them on my computer and come back to them when I was ready to write a book about the experience. Or my friend Stacey, she’s said I should turn this whole thing into a Podcast where I can play the very clips I was feeling on the very days as I reflect back on what was happening. Now that I am no longer alone, it’s become harder to speak these clips, as I have to talk so much louder without the AirPods.

I’ve also been using them to listen to the rain. I’m sure this sounds weird – but I get a really calming sense from the sound of the rain and since it’s summertime around here, it hasn’t been raining a lot. So I’ll put rainymood.com on, pop the headphones in my ears and disappear for a while.

Yes, I could get another pair of headphones. I can’t just get a regular old pair of wired headphones these days. I don’t have headphone jacks on my computer or phone. I know, that was a stupid purchasing decision to make, but I made those purchase decisions over a year ago – so I can’t exactly go back and do that over.

There are few things in this life I attach myself to – my phone, my computer, my AirPods and my coffee mugs. The coffee mugs are a story for another day. Everything else – well it is what it is. Some things when you lose them, it just hurts more than others. I guess the point is, it’s hard to say exactly why things matter, or what will matter to certain people. Some things have more significance than for just being the object that it is.

Do you have anything you’d be beside yourself about if you lost?

15 thoughts on “I am just whining.

    1. YES! Being without your phone would be awful. Talking to people, using social media, even just checking the weather. Wholly agree with this one.

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      1. Yep this one makes total sense. In the span of human history there’s never been a more multi-functional, useful tool. Of course at this level of technology the tool’s usefulness is also tied up with the society it lives in. The smartphone for me is a really good adaptation to various things I’m not good at in modern life.


      1. And knitting or crocheting calms the mind. Obviously I’ve needed that my whole life.


  1. I have a hard time thinking of this as whining. You are so aware of what your obligations are that I think it’s ok to lament the loss of something that made them more bearable.
    So sayeth the Galby.

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  2. The cost of replacing your Airpods isn’t going to be make a break in the overall scheme of things as far as your debt is concerned.

    They do however provide comfort by allowing you to talk with a friend without others nearby overhearing those conversations, allow you to talk and listen to music, etc without constantly fiddling with your phone, and all this helps bring you some calm in an otherwise stormy world.

    One person’s frivolousness is anothers necessity, and considering all the shit you’re going through, the Airpods are clearly a necessity.

    As to what I can’t do without, a notebook.

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    1. It may not break the bank. However, when I have the government automatically withdrawing money from my account every two weeks, the bank automatically withdrawing money from my account every two weeks, and a lawyer making me pay on the first of every month, it’s hard for me to justify putting any money towards something else, knowing I’d then have to ask a family member or friend to help me from going into overdraft.


  3. Charger!!! Loosing out on electricity…πŸ˜‚ I panic…anyways, o recently got earphones and kept on asking the retailer to give me wired earphones just so that I can see them under my blanket, pillow, books or elsewhere… And I was like I don’t want to charge them… πŸ˜‚ I am living in stone age in that matter tbh


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