Pro-Life? More like pro-patriarchy

I’ve got opinions today, and if you don’t want to hear them, please feel free to leave my blog.

The pro-life movement is only pro-life when it comes to controlling women and the decisions that women make.

  • Guns are more important than protecting children’s lives when it comes to mass shootings that consistently happen in the USA
  • Not wearing a mask was more important than wearing a mask, when scientists, doctors and every fucking health organization on earth said that a tiny piece of cloth over your nose and mouth could help prevent the spread of COVID and save lives
  • The death penalty is still fucking allowed in the United States
  • People don’t give a damn about the millions of immigrants trying to come to the United States for a better life (often losing their lives in the process). It makes international news when they’re kept in cages, and referred to as ‘dirty aliens’, the children are separated from their parents, and so on and so forth

The pro-life movement is not about life at all, it’s about controlling women and furthering the patriarchy.

If the pro-life movement were actually about being pro-life,

  • Child support would begin at the moment of conception. You have sex? Time to pay child-support
  • Universal health care would be available to all citizens of the United States, but especially to women, who are largely the sole carriers of all burdens associated with pregnancy
  • There would be social service benefits for all women who give birth, whether or not they choose to keep their child. Let’s give women funding, so they can have help with the very real toll that it takes on a woman’s body to give birth. Let’s strengthen employment laws to ensure that no woman’s career would have to suffer if she does become pregnant and give birth
  • While we’re at it, let’s prioritize school lunch programs, so kids don’t have to go hungry
  • Don’t stop there, either. Let’s talk about prisoner reform, and the programs that can be launched to help former convicts back into society, or those who need to/should stay in prison, what can we do to improve their living conditions? WHY, WHY, WHY are there so many prisoners in the United States who aren’t allowed to vote? Why aren’t they given proper nutrition and medical care?
  • Let’s promote education, making it free, or if not free, more accessible to everyone in the United States, and not just those who were born into a life of privilege
  • Let’s be done with the death penalty
  • Let’s ensure the 2SLGBTQIA+ NEVER has to worry about their rights to marry, privacy and so much more being stripped from them.(Something they should’ve had all along, by the fucking way)
  • Let’s talk about EQUALITY. AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Because people who are pro-life, should be wanting to ensure that children brought into this world are able to grow up in safe neighbourhoods with low crime rates, good education systems, and all of the privileges afforded to the children of the men and women of the SCOTUS who just forced this unholy hell on hundreds of millions of people. It’s easy for them to pretend life is hunky dory when their children will never have to face adversity in their lives.

And to the stupid its all over the internet spewing “Don’t abort your baby, we’ll adopt it”,

  • There are more than 400,000 children in the United States in foster care without a family or stable home life, and many more who are homeless, why haven’t you adopted any of those babies? Or does a fetus’ life only matter up until a woman has given birth?

One last thing,

If you don’t like abortion – don’t fucking get one.

The United States political system is a fucking joke. The pro-life movement isn’t pro life at all. They’re pro CIS, white-male dominance.


13 thoughts on “Pro-Life? More like pro-patriarchy

  1. Yes yes yes. All the thoughts I can’t say publicly because my family owns a business and doesn’t have the luxury of alienating the yahoos who live in our rural community. Gah. Money. It even controls my voice.

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    1. It’s so tough that one’s political views can so deeply impact their professional lives. It’s part of the reason why I keep myself so private, despite sharing my views. Make sense? I can’t imagine what it’s like living in Texas right now!

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  2. There are too many instances of power-hungry people benefiting from division, such as religious leaders, politicians, business CEOs. That’s all most of it comes down to, it’s insidious. Over here it’s destroying our country with politicians benefiting from creating division over brexit, strikes, cost of living and a bunch of other things. I’m so glad we don’t have significant religious division anymore here at least.

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    1. It’s eye-opening to me just how manipulatable populations at large are. It can be treated as like a gas instead of individual particles and follows its own corresponding statistical dynamical laws. Which is a horrendous concept I first saw in science-fiction but very much appears to apply, especially when a population is deprived of education which would otherwise help them to think for themselves.

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      1. Lack of education is such a glaring issue in the United States. Hot damn, imagine if everyone were educated? We’d live in such a different world.

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  3. Yes! Not that you need to hear it but I am 100% in agreement here. I swear it is like living about a million dollar crackhead that spews out all this crap and expects people will follow. And when they blow up the lab they are left wondering what others did to make that happen. Hopefully (although really I do not hold out much hope) it will not cross the border to here in Canada but I know that I am naive to believe that. We can already see evidence of that occurring in the race for conservative leadership role.


  4. You should hear me when I get started about all this! I am outraged that life in the US is controlled by the SCOTUS who have now made things more difficult for the Environmental Protection Agency!! They are going to set fire to this country. Independence day….what a joke. The abortion thing gets me crazed. I do not remember being a fetus or for that matter being born. What do those cretins think life is like for an unwanted child? Especially one tainted by having a rapist father? I saw where they won’t let a raped 10-year old have an abortion. Insane. If this country does not agree to split, there will be civil war.


  5. If this country did want to ban abortions there are ways to minimize the impact but we’re not doing any of those. Fund adoptions and make them more streamlined. Fund education and contraceptives. Basically if you outlaw abortion you better have some idea on how to minimize all the negative consequences of doing so, but of course we didn’t do any of those. I’m pretty ashamed of the USA.


  6. It all looks weird from my place (Australia). Most of us just shake our heads at the hot, steaming mess we see from afar and feel glad there’s an entire ocean between our two countries. -M


  7. I agree with every word you wrote. You think those anti-choice MAGA maggots are going to fork over any extra money to the females forced to carry a pregnancy to term? That’s a big FUCK, NO! They only care about the fetus.


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