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Consider joining If you join medium using the link I’ve provided here, I can earn a small commission for bringing you to the website. Furthermore, if you read my stories on medium, each time you read them, I am provided a few cents for you reading the stories.

In June I made $49 USD for writing on Medium. It is my goal to continue topping the previous month’s earnings each month, and to do that, I will need to promote myself.

Also, if you join Medium, you too can earn money writing on the website. The requirement for joining their partner program, so that your posts earn income when people read them, is to have 100 followers. We can absolutely promote each other’s platforms on medium here on WordPress to try and help you reach 100 followers.

Just consider it.

It’s a great way for us to support each other. You post something you would normally post on WordPress, and when people read it on Medium, you’re paid a few cents per view. $49 might not seem like much for a month, but the thing is, all of my previous stories will continue earning money as I continue posting on the platform. It’s worth considering signing up.

And if you do sign up, sign up with my link!

20 thoughts on “Blogging on Medium

    1. Members of the website pay $5 per month to read all of the articles that they want. If they read one article, from one person, then that $5 goes to that one person. If they read 100 articles from 100 people, then each of those people would get 5 cents.

      There are some other considering factors, such as how much time someone spends reading. ie – If you write a long post that would take roughly ten minutes to read and someone is only on your post for 1 minute or less, you’re not going to get the full fraction of that earning from that person’s membership, as they clearly didn’t read the whole post.

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      1. Most of my traffic right now is coming through Medium. I had 72,000 views since starting in April and Medium is telling me 85% of the traffic is coming from members. 85% of that is also for one story too, lol. One that I cannot earn cash on. But, that story helped me get into the ‘partner program’ to make me eligible to earn, so it’s serving it’s purpose still, by bringing people to my posts.

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    2. Oh and when you sign up with the link I provided, I get a certain portion of that $5. I don’t know how much, as I haven’t actually referred anyone to the site yet. If I do eventually, I’ll let you know.

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      1. I’m gunna give it two months and see where I stand with it :D. If I’m at or near eligible for partner status then I’ll continue and see if I can earn back the subscription cost at that point. I’m kind of amused to see what happens though as I’m not sure the random/eccentric nature of my writing and my lack of interest in marketing will fit in (which I will also count as a win). Either I can earn money or receive more confirmation that I’m non-average lol.

        I like that there’s very little customisable in terms of your profile/blog page though :).


      2. The lack of customization is to make it so that people’s words appeal more than their ability to design.

        As for reading partner program status – clickbait the hell out of your titles. I’ve been on the site since April and the trend I’ve noticed is that the articles that do the best are those with click-bait titles.

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  1. $49 is impressive! I’m curious to know what tax thing you use? They taxed me 30% in June 😦 So not impressed by that! I’m not a U.S. citizen nor do I have a U.S. income so idk if that has anything to do with it.


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