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This week I’ve been watching my former boss make national news as they testify about a sexual assault that they helped to cover-up.

A few years back I shared on this blog about how I was provided with a HEFTY severance from a former employer. The boss who provided me that hefty severance is the individual testifying about a sexual assault that they helped cover-up.

When I talk about the toxic work environments that I’ve come from, and why I won’t tolerate bullshit from anyone, it’s for a reason. I saw and heard about a lot of things in my 20s that were hidden from the public. There are a lot of things that I am not legally allowed to speak about – things that I could be sued for speaking about.

Watching this testimony today all I can suggest is that that which is done in darkness will always be brought to light. Eventually, the truth catches up to everyone. In the case of my former boss, this is likely to be the first of many dominos they’ll be testifying about.

That is all.

12 thoughts on “Today things

  1. What makes me really sick is that, in the end, if you have money you get away with it. ie: ex Prince Andrew. The Jan 6th hearings are chilling mostly because people will still not believe Trump is a traitorous, devious, dangerous man. Not to mention scum. I hope they all roast in hell.

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    1. There won’t be any roasting in hell. This company is one of the largest and most well known company’s on the planet. The very fact that he was/is/has been testifying is a marvel in itself. I suggest there’ll likely be some executive “restructuring” that’ll see him and some of his buddies from the office getting hefty severance, and they’ll try to keep the other stories from making the news.

      I think the only good that’ll come from this is that, now that it’s public, he will have a lasting legacy of being ‘that guy that covered up a sexual assault’. Which might just be the only justice that comes from it.

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    2. I found the Prince Andrew thing really interesting because there’s a lot of misunderstanding out there about civil vs criminal trials which resulted in a level of unnecessary outrageβ€” i.e. the idea that he directly escaped criminal justice by settling, when ‘settling’ is only a thing which happens in non-criminal trials. I mean it’s understandable as a layman for sure and I used to believe such things.

      Still, it does still potentially apply that the result of a civil trial can be used as evidence in a later criminal trial, or bring other stuff out of the woodworks, so that if he had been forced into a civil trial and found against then who knows what dominos might’ve fallen afterwards.

      In his and other high-profile cases the getting away with it is probably less about settling civil cases rather than whatever shenanigans go on behind the scenes, I think.


      1. I think when it comes to CIVIL Cases, especially those that include sexual assault, there’s often time both a criminal and a civil trial, especially in Canada because it’s the crown that presses charges, not an individual person.

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    1. Thankfully I left that industry behind a long time ago. Though, I did hear some pretty wild stories while I was there, so it’s not surprising to me what happened after I left.


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