June 18

Please don’t complain to me about inflation while you’re wearing $400 jeans and a $150 tank top.

Please don’t complain to me about inflation while you’re driving around your ‘weekend car’, or talking about plane tickets, vacations or your investment portfolio.

Please don’t complain to me about inflation while your hair has fresh extensions and highlights.

Please don’t complain to me about inflation while you’re drinking your $7 Starbucks coffee.

Please don’t complain to me about inflation, because you really don’t understand the pain and suffering that inflation is causing.

Suggesting that things costing more is causing a damper on your life is a completely different story from the reality that millions of Canadians are facing right now. Kids are going hungry. Seniors are going without their medications. People cannot afford to do anything outside of their homes, and even staying in their homes is becoming expensive as hell at this point in time.

Economists are suggesting that 1 in 5 Canadians will access food banks this year out of need. 1 in 5 Canadians have reached a point where they NEED food banks. Those aren’t Canadians who can drink $7 coffees and purchase $400 jeans. Those are Canadians who don’t know how to feed their kids properly each day because the little money they do have isn’t stretching anymore. Those are people who are truly struggling.

If you’re in a position of privilege wherein you can still afford things like plane tickets and eating out, buying expensive clothing and talking about investments, perhaps it’s time you consider how you can invest in your community around you. Because I guarantee you that the amount of hardships you think you’re facing right now is what many people are praying, wishing and dreaming they could be their hardships.

Does it cost more to fill your gas tank? Yes. Does that bother you? It should. Can you still afford to fill your gas tank? Then count yourself lucky. A lot of people can’t right now.

Please stop telling me about the hardships being caused by inflation and start asking yourself how you can help. Because the people who need it the most aren’t bitching to their friends, they’re crying themselves to sleep, working tirelessly day after day trying to pick up extra shifts and extra jobs and sell off anything they own of value to make a few extra dollars. They need your help right now. They don’t need to hear about your privilege is just a little bit less than it was yesterday. Privilege is still privilege.

I know that everyone has struggles and that everyone’s struggles look different. I get that. When you’re wealthy that doesn’t mean that you go without struggle. What I’m trying to suggest here is that if you can still afford things, perhaps it’s time to acknowledge that a lot of people can’t. I saw an old man at the pharmacy the other day who was crying and asking if he could pick up a portion of his prescription and not the whole thing because he couldn’t afford to get it all right that moment. Someone behind him in line said that he should’ve thought of that before he came to the pharmacy, not while he was there holding up the line.

How is that helpful? How is that kind?

There is real hurt going on in this world, and people are going without necessities. Perhaps it’s time we all put ourselves in someone else’s shoes to truly understand the struggle that everyone goes through.

13 thoughts on “June 18

  1. You are so right. I choke every day at the inequalities. There was a time when such situations existed in the so called third world. Back then there were still many poor right here in the wonderful, arrogant first world, but the numbers were much easier for government to hide. Instead of helping our poor we have simply made the gap wider and pushed more people into the abyss. I am one of the lucky ones. Never had to starve or lacked a roof over my head. I managed a few nice vacations (at a discount because of my job) but I have always felt how terribly unfair it was. Why did I deserve better than other people? I have often had to deal with rich folk. They are flesh and blood, no different to the rest. Some are wonderful people and they do good work. But so many are fucking air-headed assholes. I just don’t get how they live with themselves. Sometimes I despair of our kind.

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    1. I’ve been wondering how much natural selection has selected for such psychologies now that civilisations have been trading for some time. Outside of capitalism and war they are pretty pathological but perfectly suited in today’s society in terms of gene fitness. Scary isn’t it. And now there’s also so-called roid rage and crazy road rage drivers, and so many possible addictions due to which people are raging through withdrawal. It’s…a word I’m trying to remember will come back!

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  2. Until it is put right in front of some peoples’ faces, they can not or will not acknowledge there is a problem. Sometimes people want to help but don’t know how. Instead of that jerk worrying about the man holding up the line, did anyone think about how they could help him pay for the prescription. A few dollars from everyone probably could have helped. It’s not solving the long term problem though of him not being able to afford his medication but for a moment, they could have given the man time to try to figure out something else.

    As a woman of faith, I strongly believe that the churches in the area need to band together and see what they can do and not just for their own congregants. People need hope and they need resources. Hugs V

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  3. I cannot believe someone would talk like that to anyone – let alone a senior trying to get by in today’s world on what I’m sure is a fixed income and still get the meds they require.

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  4. We’ve just moved to NI from Scotland. Fuel prices here have nearly tripled in the last 9 months. But we are able to afford things. Kindness is free though. And we try to help people when we can.

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  5. Who’s wearing $400 jeans? 👖 Also, I can’t recall the last time I had anything from Starbucks. Why have a $7 coffee when you can have bubble tea instead, which btw tastes 1000x better than coffee, just saying.

    There are 3 hoodie jackets I own that have holes in them. 2 pairs of leggings have holes and my pj pants have holes in them. People can be hard to read… these ppl who wear $400 jeans are probably in debt, living paycheck to paycheck for all we know. That pic they posted on IG on a yacht? It was probably their friend’s uncle’s yacht. Ppl will do anything to appear richer than they are. Meanwhile I’m wearing clothes with holes in them because I just don’t care. Maybe this is my depression talking – hard to say.


    1. There’s a woman I follow on Twitter who lives in Edmonton – she’s been on and on about how awful inflation is and she can’t go anywhere or do anything because it’s too expensive and she posted a picture of her Agolde Jeans and people were asking her what the type were and I googled them and they were $360. Someone was like “I love those jeans” and she was like “I bought 5 pair. They’re all I live in right now”.

      I totally hear you on people trying to appear richer than they are.

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  6. Things will get worse come winter. I live in the North too next to Canada. The cost of propane will soar. Landlords will not be able to rent because they will pay too much for propane and not make profit. People will need to help each other and move in with each other and look out for each other. Business health plans are getting worse too and most deductibles roll over in the fall or winter. Get prepared now for a harsh winter ahead potentially. Save what you can and limit unnecessary spending so you can afford utilities, higher rents and mortgages, deal with the supply chain shortages, and get your life-saving medicines.

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