Americans – Where you at?

I’ve been approached about a position with Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Aside from the unfortunate name, what’s this store about?

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  1. DICK’S Sporting Goods was founded in 1948 when an 18-year-old Dick Stack was working at an Army surplus store in Binghamton, New York. An avid fisherman, Dick was approached by the store owner to come up with a list of products needed to get into the fishing tackle business. After Dick presented his suggestions, the owner told him he was a dumb kid and had no idea what he was doing. Dick was upset and promptly quit. He went to his grandmother’s house where he spent a lot of time as a kid and told her what had happened. Dick’s grandmother asked how much it would cost to build the store himself. Dick said it would cost $300. His grandmother then went to the cookie jar where she kept her life savings and gave him $300 and told him, “Do it yourself.” Dick used that money and his relentless work-ethic to open a bait-and-tackle shop in Binghamton. By the late 1970’s, he expanded his product line to include much of what you’ll find at DICK’S Sporting Goods today.

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  2. Dick’s is a sporting good chain that pretty much has everything. It’;s biggest issue IMO is a lack of good customer service at their stores. Online I am not sure how good they are, but most sporting goods stores don’t really do well online.

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  3. It’s a pretty big fitness department store, at least out here in the Midwest. In recent years with brick and mortar stores shuttering even before the pandemic, they’ve somehow managed to survive, impressive with how large their stores are. They sell all sorts of things – name brand fitness clothing (Nike, Under Armour, etc), shoes, camping equipment, fishing equipment, home gym stuff, sports gear – everything really. The one in my town is two floors with a climbing wall in the middle, and is an anchor department store in the mall. I mean, they seem like a pretty good store, I guess the same way Target is? I usually go there once a season for seasonal outdoor needs – snow gear for winter, water shoes and swim suits in the summer, camping stuff in the fall, that kinda thing.

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  4. I have a former colleague or two who work/worked there. We’re not super in touch, so I’m not 100% sure on the tense. I hear it’s an alright company. They don’t have any serious gaffes or blemishes – and they got high marks from me for their actions in the wake of gun violence here.
    Would you move south?

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  5. It’s a sporting goods store sportsy stuff, clothes, and items, shoes, coolers, I think I’ve seen roller skates there once, camping, fishing, and hiking stuff. I went there once for water shoes and the employee was very high and his response was, “What, so your feet don’t get wet?” Had to say nevermind I’d figure it out on my own.

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      1. It was a retail job in 1996 or so. I worked there a couple days a week, so not great, but probably what you’d expect for a retail job in the mid-90s.


    1. Good to know. Because they’re American and not available in Canada, I’m going to have to do some research before my job interview. It’s nice to know that there’s some positives about them!


    1. You seem like more of the academic type. lol
      I mean that in the most loving way. If I wanted to know my way around a bookstore, I bet you’d be my guy!


    1. Well that’s good to hear. I like hearing when corporations at least try o do their part to spread some good in this world.


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