Ladies of the Internet

It’s officially that time of year in the Northern Hemisphere where boob sweat is one of the real and uncomfortable facts of daily life.

How do you deal with boob sweat?

I’m seriously asking here. This should not be embarrassing to talk about. Spill your tips/tricks! Unless your tip or trick is to put deodorant on your boobs in which case, I’ve heard that and I don’t want to do that.

Thank you, from women everywhere.

21 thoughts on “Ladies of the Internet

  1. Hey Hey Vee! Sending ❤️ well coming from a tropical zone I generally go bra-less whenever possible…and have a bath daily! And put some talcum powder once in a while…I prefer wearing mesh clothes…There is a brand called “Uniqlo” you may find it online ..they have great camisoles..very breathable…and soft…like really soft..the camisole I am talking about also has in-built bra…so you don’t have to worry…about nipples doing a peek-a-boo…

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    1. I do similar things here in Texas. I have a lot of breathable bralette things and change them when I soak through. I rinse them and hang them to dry so there’s always one to change into. I’m very lucky to have a swimming pool now. I jump in often.

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      1. A swimming pool would feel like a must in a place like Texas! Also, I love bralettes in the summer time, especially Lacey ones to go with camis.

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    2. I wish I could go braless! I would catch a lot of attention if I went braless. I will look into Uniqlo, though! I love camis in the summer time. Also, that’s a good tip about talcum powder. It works for babies, it could work for adults too. Thank you!


      1. I definitely vouch for 20ilyApril: Uniqlo has some great basics! I especially love their Airism clothing line: the clothes (shirts, long sleeves, jackets) are made from a silk blend that are light, durable, and very breathable. I even wear their jackets in the heat of the summer without much trouble!

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  2. Something I read recently was to put a refrigerated flannel in there 😆. I have to say that does sound like it would be amazing. Or maybe it wasn’t a flannel since that would be wet, but you can get these freezable cold pack thingies:

    I have a surprising knowledge on such things thanks to a female friend who shares with me all her girl troubles lol.

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    1. Yeah, you have a lot of wisdom within you, but this is an incredibly stupid idea and whoever invented it probably doesn’t actually have boobs. lol

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