Moving Diaries

I sold my Nespresso today. I sold it for $50 more dollars than I paid for it.

I didn’t want to sell my Nespresso. I LOVE coffee.

But, it’s big and bulky and I didn’t want to move it. So, I needed to get rid of it. I didn’t expect someone to purchase it for so much, so fast.

I also sold my air fryer.

I also sold my blender.

My extra blankets/bedding are presently for sale, as well as my dishes. I don’t really have/own anything overly fancy. I just take really good care of the things that I do have, so I’m managing to sell most of my stuff for what I paid for it, or a little more. (This also works out well since I only tend to purchase new things if they are on sale)

Anyways, the downside to selling all my stuff is that I won’t have much to use for the rest of the month. The upside is that I have money to pay my bills this month. Now I just need to get famous on and make that my full-time job. har har. Actually, I’m not doing too bad on medium. It would be nice if I could figure out how to do it better without clickbait. I hate clickbait.

12 thoughts on “Moving Diaries

      1. When I last moved I abandoned all furniture etc. Bought my new house off the internet and arranged to purchase most of the furniture which worked for the seller as well as for me. Everyone thought I was mad but it all fell beautifully in to place…with a few hiccups caused mostly by the (excuse me) fucking bank which forced me to use my 401k and pay mega $$ in tax….nothing is totally without pain!


    1. I started medium in either late March or early April. I started by sharing the story of what happened with working for a startup earlier this year, and it kind of blew-up. As for moving, my landlord is selling the house and I have decided instead of just moving somewhere in this city, I want to go elsewhere and start over.

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