Sarcasm ahead.

Huge kudos to all of the employers in this world who ask candidates to submit a resume, only to have the next few pages of the application process be filled with all of the questions that are answered on your resume.

Oh, while I’m at it, I’d like to offer a job well done to all of the LinkedIn recruiters who ask questions such as “How many years of experience do you have with [insert task here]?” only to use the form filled questions on LinkedIn of “Yes/No”.

High five to the CEO who viewed my LinkedIn profile six times today and then messaged me on asking if I could submit a video of myself talking about my experience and skillset, so he could “hear” my verbal communication skills. He could just pick up the phone to hear my verbal communication skills, something that isn’t required at all for digital advertising. But no, he’d like candidates to submit videos of themselves so he can judge people on their verbal skills. I’m all to certain he’s not judging people on anything else with those videos…

I’d like to say a sincere thank you to the company that set their automated response to job applications as an automatic rejection. 13 seconds for rejection is a new record for me! I’m quite proud of it. I also wonder how they explain that to candidates they actually proceed to communicate with about the job they’re advertising.

I appreciate the attention to detail on behalf of the national company that took the opportunity to post their job openings to LinkedIn, and sponsored all of them, only to not update the landing page of their website, so there are no actual job listings available to apply for. Instead of a marketing director, perhaps they should be hiring a website manager.

I’d also like to take a moment to talk about the language people are choosing to use to refer to team members and future candidates. Do I want to be a marketing unicorn? Do I want to be a marketing queen? Do I want to be a demand generation hustler? Definitely not. Where do recruiters come up with this shit? It’s not appropriate to refer to staff members as hustlers.

2022 is wild.

Also, I can’t be the only person in this world with more than one middle name. How are required form-fills not set up for this?

5 thoughts on “Sarcasm ahead.

  1. Feeling this. Albeit in flashback. I do not envy you the journey you are setting out upon…if it didn’t snow 13 months out of the year up there, I’d highly recommend Lyft/Uber as a stopgap or replacement…alas.

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  2. With all that “quality” I wonder why we spent so much time trying to write good ads and thoughtful interview questions for our candidates. That stuff is just so unprofessional. I hope there are companies with a clue out there.

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  3. Sadly, none of this surprises me. How did we allow society to get so totally weird? Multiple choice questionnaires, people who have to follow a script and can’t cope with facts that don’t fit. Scream, throw things, punch a pillow, whatever way to let it out.

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