Yup, it’s COVID

Does anyone else get this urge/need to be around clean things when they’re sick?

When I get sick, I want everything cleaned. I feel this need to clean my bedding every day. I cannot get into my bed if I know that my bedding wasn’t cleaned since the night before – because who wants to crawl into germ covered bedding?

It’s not just bedding though.

When I am sick, I don’t want to use the same toothbrush and I absolutely will not touch the same dish twice. Don’t you dare expect me to drink from a bottle without it being thoroughly sterilized!

I’m a little OCD when I am sick.

I’m a little OCD all of the time. (Not in the clinical sense, but in the I like order sense)

I tend to carry around disinfectant wipes or sprays when I am sick so I can spray off an area that’s high touch – like my computer. Who wants to be touching a germ-covered keyboard all day? I know, I know, I know, my hands are likely covered in germs since I am sick.

I just like things clean when I am sick, okay?

My ideal man would be just one who accepts this about me and helps to make things clean when I am not feeling good.

7 thoughts on “Yup, it’s COVID

  1. Very sorry you’ve got it again. Really, wasn’t once enough. And nothing wrong with wanting to clean everything. Maybe if human beings weren’t such slobs these things wouldn’t be around in the first place! Get better very soon.


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