I think COVID has caught up to me again

I’ve been feeling slightly off for two days – but was chalking it up to stress. Well, I woke up this morning feeling like I got hit by a truck. I have no sense of smell, an extremely sore back, and my brain feels like it’s swollen three sizes inside of my head and no longer fits in my skull. My throat hurts, my lips hurt, my arms hurt, my legs hurt, my everything hurts.

This is all very similar to when I tested positive for Delta Variant. The only difference now is I am no longer eligible for PCR testing, so I need to see if someone can find me a rapid test and leave it at my door. Or just try to wait this out.

15 thoughts on “I think COVID has caught up to me again

  1. Is it possible to got to a testing station? There’s one on Anderson and a few others (idk which part of the city you live in…) I am assuming that they will test anyone who wants a test, but I could be wrong. I was sick tow weeks ago and my test was negative. I still felt like 💩 though. Feel better soon!


  2. I don’t know what it is like where you are but Rapid Tests are available at Sobeys here in Manitoba. As well as Shoppers. Call a few places and see if you can find and have someone pick up for you. Hope you feel better soon. 🙂


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