Dealt another blow.

I waited in court this morning for one hour and eighteen minutes.

It took one hour and eighteen minutes for the Justice to announce they would not hear my case and that they believed it to have been filed in the wrong court.

My lawyer kindly suggested that the Justice was able to rule within this court on the case, however the Justice said she would not speak on the case at all.

Back to the drawing board with this.

Apparently we will need to file in a different court.

Apparently more legal bills are coming.

Apparently nothing is being solved any time soon. My lawyer suggested this could be another month or two, now.

14 thoughts on “Dealt another blow.

    1. Yeah. My thoughts exactly.
      As soon as no one could see me I literally burst out crying.
      Four months waiting for a date to have it pissed away in 2 mins.

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      1. Oh is this to do with jurisdiction level of court and the judge is disputing the value of the claim? Well in either case you have even greater personal injury now with not being able to work.

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  1. I feel your frustration 😔 I was sued by an ex many yrs ago. Long story, but cost me $4,000 in attorney fees, and $3,000 to ex through mediation, even though I owed him nothing, but to draw it out longer would have cost me more in attorney fees!

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