Sunday’s avoiding my house.

House showings are awkward when people show up really early.

I know I’m not supposed to be home during a house showing (for several obvious reasons), so I’ve been leaving 15 mins before a scheduled showing so that no one catches me. Well, today I had a showing at 1:30, and the people were standing in my driveway at 1:02 when I looked out my window.

Seriously, they were 28 minutes early.

I casually grabbed the garbage (because the realtor says I shouldn’t leave garbage in the house during showings – which is ridiculous, but I am trying to help out my landlord since they helped me in letting me in here for such a short window of time) and pretending I was talking on my phone, waved at them and walked right on by.

They saw me leave, and my doorbell caught them telling the realtor I was leaving, so they went into my house at 1:10. They didn’t leave until 1:57 (again, my doorbell caught it).

The doorbell is handy because I can see exactly when people leave, so I can just walk back into my house if it’s before the half-hour scheduled window is up.

Anyways, my house is small. Very small. I’m not sure what they could’ve been looking at for 47 minutes small.

I went back into my house around 2:00 pm, and got a call at 2:15 from the realtor saying that these people wanted to do one more walk-through at 3:00. Knowing these people were insanely early the last time, I knew that meant I basically had to leave ASAP, or they’d see me again.

I put the nice towels (the realtor left) back out, turned on all the lights once again (because apparently, that’s a thing since COVID) and left, again. The people came back into my house at 2:39 and were in my house until 4:00 pm. I’m not entirely sure what they were looking at all of that time. Even if they opened every drawer, door and cupboard in the place, it wouldn’t take that long.

When they were leaving, the mom was talking in front of my doorbell camera about how if she buys this place for her son, she needs her son to promise he’ll take care of it and keep it this nice. The mom is buying a place for her son to live. Must be nice to be a kid with rich parents who can drop half a million on an apartment for you to live in.

Anyways, if they do put in an offer, that means no showings until the offer is approved, or declined. If declined, I will go back to showings. We’ll see what happens.

Hopefully, there are no more house showings. but who knows.

16 thoughts on “Sunday’s avoiding my house.

  1. A property I had in Seattle was purchased for a college-bound child. Not nearly that expensive but yes, it must be nice. Do you think those kids appreciate it or just take it for granted? Hope you are done with the walk throughs!

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    1. I’m all done with the walk-throughs. I’m not sure if the kid appreciates it or not. I have a video camera doorbell and I saw him talking to the broker and the house inspector like it was NBD to him. But maybe that’s what he’s used too, who knows.


  2. I’m amazed at your patience with this. This sounds like hell.

    What you need is another camera indoors :).

    What’s so bad about them seeing you?? Rich people buying houses can’t be allowed to be frightened by the sight of a lowly renter? They’ll never be able to wash the surfaces enough to make it habitable…

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    1. Realtors don’t want the tenant or homeowners home because they don’t want the potential buyers to ask questions about the house a realtor is trying to avoid them knowing – like my neighbour is a bat-shit crazy q-anon believing nosy psychopath.

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  3. And yeah you really shouldn’t be having a house bought for you if your mum is worried you’re going to trash it! Unfortunately having seen how much of a minority people who live cleanly are in you can guarantee it will be trashed.

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    1. I feel as though mom’s have to warn about that anyway, regardless. He could be the cleanest son on earth, and she’d still say that. Nevertheless, though, he’s a single dude, living alone, so I’m going to use my bias and suggest he’s probably pretty messy at the least.

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      1. True about the mum haha. And 100% on the bias lol. Though I’ve yet to meet a considerate messy person who is only messy on their own, but there must be some borderline ones. But yeah if I went to a single guy’s house and it was tidy it would be a miracle for me.


  4. Sending offer vibes. I’ve known people who measure every room to see if their stuff would fit, brought in paint samples, and videoed the whole house. It’s amazing.


  5. People would show up to early when we were showing our previous home, too! It was awkward for sure, especially with our dog getting all excited and wanting to say hi to the visitors 😂 Best of luck with the selling process!


  6. You may have already mentioned this but if the house does sell, do you have somewhere to go? And yes wouldn’t that be nice if we all had someone to buy us a house lol.


    1. My landlord promised they wouldn’t negotiate closing for before my move. So the earliest they can get the house is the day after I move out.


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