Saturday’s are for Sunshine

I am so white that I went outside for 13 minutes today and my face is sunburnt the shade of cream soda. WHILE I WAS WEARING SPF 30.

I am that white girl.

The house I am living in is for sale and so I was required to leave my house today. The first time, I needed to leave from 12:30 – 3:00 for an open house. I wound up at the mall and remembered why I hate shopping malls. The second time, was four a house showing. People are able to book showings in 30 minute blocks (even though my house is quite small and won’t take 30 mins to walk through if you poked in every drawer and behind every door/cupboard in the place) The second time, because it was only thirty minutes, I decided to just sit in the park across the road. It wound up being only 13 minutes that they were in my house. 13 minutes was long enough to turn me four shades of pink.

Oh well, I guess we’re just going with the sunburn for at least the next week.

9 thoughts on “Saturday’s are for Sunshine

  1. I thought I was the only one with this problem. I get sunburnt every time I go outside. Every time. Last weekend I was a red lobster. I burn SO EASILY.

    I’d suggest going to a coffee shop or mall and hanging out there so you don’t need to suffer outside for too long. It’s tempting to be outside though.


  2. I feel your pain. I am that white guy. Slathered up for a bike ride yesterday. I know it helped, but my face and neck would disagree.


    1. I already know I have them. On my dad’s side my grandmother and grandfather were born in Germany but on my mom’s side, my grandfather was born in England and my Grandmother was born in Sweden. So 1/4 Scandinavian, 100% pasty white girl.


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