If you’re not already following me on Medium, you should.

I took to Medium to share my brief experience working for a startup and it’s become quite popular. It’s actually become more popular than I’ve ever expected, and I’ve created a bit of a divide amongst people reading it. Those who work for and love startups are deeply offended that I painted the picture of my startup, and thus all startups, in such a negative light. Those who’ve been treated like I have are celebrating the post and the honesty within it and telling me I am lucky I got out so soon.

I’m also 1/4 of the way to the medium partner program.

27 thoughts on “If you’re not already following me on Medium, you should.

  1. I just created a Medium account and it was pretty straight-forward. My question is, how do I subscribe to your account? It keeps telling me to upgrade but I’m not ready to shell out money for Medium [yet].

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    1. I’m still figuring out how it works, but I do like it. I would say get a lay of the land before you invest in the membership. It’s not an expensive membership, but it is another bill. So make sure it’s something you actually like before you sign up for what is essentially another subscription!

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      1. I’ve already maxed out the freebies for the month (5 articles per month) so unless I am going to upload something, I probably won’t be spending much time on it. It’s amazing how quickly subscriptions add up. These days, it seems like everything requires some kind of subscription or membership.

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      2. For people who are in the partner program, you have to have a membership to read their content. There is free content, though.

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  2. Hey, if any of you join Medium, join through my link if you don’t have anyone else you are obligated to (https://kimmckinney719.medium.com/membership).

    And if I can help any of you new to writing there in any way, let me know. You’ll find there is a lot of camaraderie.

    Vee, controversy is good, as you are seeing. It helps gets reads. Working for startups is risky, so that shouldn’t surprise anyone. It can be a good experience or bad, and I thought you made that point, even though you said it wasn’t for you. But you included some great points that people should know about before they jumped in, which is very valuable. You did a great job with that article.

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      1. I can’t see usernames on the mobile app, but she goes by: This is Still Me ♥️

        If you go to my following list, she’s listed there. Hope that helps!


  3. Can you imagine how stressful life must be if you get so personally offended at everything? Lol. Nuts. It’s a zombie horde out there that I intend to keep firmly shut out.

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    1. it’s a weird thing for me to see people so fiercely defending startups and claiming I need to give them another chance, so they can prove me wrong? I don’t know. I think I pretty well laid out that I am not cut out for that life, even if my former boss weren’t a douche-canoe. I didn’t expect it to offend people. But hey, to each their own.

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      1. Oh, I thought it was common! I’ve had a few people email me about it after I said it. Guess it’s not as commonly known of a term as I thought. My lexicon is based predominantly on urban dictionary terminology. lol


  4. This is completely unrelated but I am having issues with my Medium account today. I wasn’t having problems before but now, the follower and following count is wrong. If I click on the following it just says “sorry, something went wrong.” I feel like contacting Medium but Idk if it is even worth my time. Super frustrating, but I might just deactivate my account for the time being. 😥


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