Tips for Hair Loss

Does anyone reading this have any tips for hair loss, or more specifically, stress-related hair loss?

I’ve always had really long, really thick hair and while it’s normal to lose some of it (people with long hair can relate) and leave long blonde hair around, I have been losing a lot of hair over the past month, specifically. My entire hairline is changing, it looks like I have a bald spot near where I part my hair these days. When I brush my hair it feels and looks like clumps of it are just falling out of my scalp.

I’m not sure what to do. My doctor says I need to keep myself calm… which sounds like fantastic advice if I were in control of the issues facing me.

How do you cope with hair loss? I know this happens to people with stress, and I’ve heard of this often happening after someone has given birth. If this has happened to you, what did you do? Is there anything I can do?

8 thoughts on “Tips for Hair Loss

  1. I don’t really have hair loss, or I do, but it grows back in so I always have short ends. I used to have long hair and worn it pulled back which made things worse. I look as if I have a receding hairline. I think it’s due to thyroid issues. Anyway I now have it short and I brush it in a way that hides the trouble spots. I’m sure other people can offer more. Worrying won’t help, calming yourself would…all very easy to say. But don’t despair. I am sure it will get better.

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  2. Hi, when my husband got bedridden because of Covid, I had to take care of him. It was such a stressful phase of our lives. It took a toll on me and it resulted in losing hair where I part it. I consulted the internet and the local online stores. I saw Novuhair which is the number on the list. Bought the lotion and the shampoo. In a month’s time, my hair grew back.

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  3. I love it when professionals try to tell you how to feel. Stay calm. Don’t get angry. Cheer up. Because it’s that easy. I didn’t realize I could just snap my fingers and stop feeling anxious about the day ahead.

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  4. Stress related hair issues are usually reversible. Even some greying can be. Def experienced this myself lately with my now long and very thick hair. Lose so much in a day and definitely varies based on stress. Did cause me to worry too but I’ve also experienced enough times how the body rejuvenates when the stress is removed, including eye bags for example. I know how much of a stomach punch it can be to feel you are aging faster because of external stresses.

    Wearing it looser helps too since it takes less to pull it out. Maybe have a shorter style for a bit. Also does dying cause some hair loss temporarily? I know my friend was worrying about it after she changed hair colours impulsively lots of times.


  5. So if you YouTube hair oil for hair loss, there are so many natural remedies that you can make yourself. I make mine using fenugreek and nigella seeds, plus coconut oil and castor oil. And it does wonders for my hair!! Literally stop my hair loss and I have so many baby hair growth. Not to mention it makes my hair feel super soft and shiny!

    Having said that, it’s also very important to take measures to reduce your stress level. Yoga and meditation always helps me. Good luck! This will pass!! Xx


  6. Awww sorry to hear about your hair loss situation. I make this Indian oil concoction for hair growth which I found from YouTube and it does wonders for my hair. You should look them up.

    But I hope you manage to reduce your stress level though. I find yoga, meditation and even just breathing exercises helps. All the best… this will pass!! Xx


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