Finally, a small reprieve from the bills

One of the great perks of my new job is that I didn’t have to wait for my new beneftis to kick in. Many employers will force new employees to wait three months, to determine if they want to ‘keep them’ before they offer benefits. My employer wants happy employees.

So, I get benefits.

What does that mean for me?

Well, two nights ago my prescription refill went from the $389 I’ve been spending monthly, to… $52.

That means I get $337 a month back.

Which, given my expenses lately, is a huge reprieve.

It’s a small win. I still have the tax bills, the lawyer bills, the car bills, and oodles of trauma to overcome. But, I need to take it one small step at a time. Feeling greatful for my new employer and that they care about their employees’ well being.

25 thoughts on “Finally, a small reprieve from the bills

  1. Someone described me as a perseverer last week which was touching. Well you are definitely worthy of that description. It is heartening to see this bit of good news, keep going! πŸ™‚

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      1. I think we both have trouble taking compliments too πŸ˜…. But thanks I wasn’t expecting that and appreciate it.


      1. Well that’s good enough!! Wow, big improvement from the last place even if they were the only women.

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    1. You know, I really am afraid to say this because I know how quickly things can change. That said, I can acknowledge it’s a win. So thank you. ❀


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