My neighbour…

I’m not sure how many people have heard stories about my neighbour before, but if you have, this story will seem right on par for what you’ve heard.

My neighbour just cornered me on the way back from the mailboxes to tell me a story about this one time in her late twenties when she broke her shoulder so badly that doctors wanted to amputate her arm.

I know. Don’t get me started, I already know.

She said that when doctors told her they were going to amputate her arm, she didn’t accept the prognosis and she went to go see a naturopath who told her that bones heal faster when you starve yourself. Not intermittent fasting, but full-on not consuming anything other than water – starving yourself.

Her response to this was to not eat for a full seven days.

She said she didn’t consume anything beyond water because she didn’t want her arm to be amputated.

I know. I know. Trust me, I know.

She said when she went back to the doctor seven days later, her doctor told her that her shoulder had completely healed, because she starved herself, and that she no longer had to have her arm amputated.

Whew, it was a doozy of a story with at least 20 mins of details included that I’ve kept out because, quite frankly, they’re stupid.

Why did she tell me this?

She broke her toe.

So her plan is to starve herself so that her toe heals faster.

She wants me to check on her. Because she plans to starve herself and starving herself makes her pass out, due to lack of nutrients in her body to keep her functioning. So she wants me to text her periodically to make sure she’s okay, and if I don’t hear back from her, she’s going to leave her door open so I can come in and rescue her. But I’m not allowed to call 911 if she does faint because she can look after herself, but she needs me to check on her in case she doesn’t look after herself, because she plans to starve herself to make her bone heal.

I can’t make this up. I also cannot follow the logic.

Like… I want to be a nice person and a good neighbour, but also, I’m not going to be responsible for this woman’s wellbeing, when I have long since believed she has psychiatric issues – and I don’t use that term jokingly, I am dead serious.

29 thoughts on “My neighbour…

    1. I have been in her home before. I try really, really hard to keep her at a distance because I think she’s just really, really stupid. I genuinely think she thinks it’s a good idea to starve herself, for example. IDK. I genuinely think she just needs a lot of therapy.


  1. Time to enact the “walk and talk” policy. Never stop and act like you have a serious agenda even if you may not. I have a crazy neighbor too. I look before I walk out the door and even if I do get surprised by her, I keep on walking with a quick wave and an answer “doing good” and never asking how she is. I already know.

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    1. I do that most days when I see her.
      Sadly, it’s a townhouse complex, so it’s really easy to spot people. Today she walked across the street to come and talk to me and I was like ‘Ahhhhh I’m going to look super rude’. My only solace is that I’ll be moving in July.

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  2. Oh, she has serious issues. Starving yourself to heal bones? Hmm, I’ll have to pass that one on to my orthopedic surgeon. My shoulder got broken in a four car collision in August. No one told me to not eat.

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      1. Thank you. My rotator cuff is still messed up, but since I can’t get that fixed (long story about litigation and the horrible US healthcare system), so I’m doing my own exercises at home. Thanks for replying. I love your sarcastic sense of humor.

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      1. Free to try. Hell, it’ll even probably save you money on food!

        (Probably won’t work though. Not eating made mine even worse, if such a thing is possible)


    1. Does this method also solve starvation? Say if you’re up a mountain starving to death, will starving yourself…


  3. Lmao her story sounds straight out of the Bible. Yes definitely psychiatric issues and this is a matter of enablement rather than of being a good neighbour 😆. She’ll be fine since she got this far without you. Probs not even starving herself who knows!

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    1. I didn’t end up texting her to “check on her” haha. Part of me wondered if that was her just trying to start more conversations with me like she did cornering me on the way back from the mailboxes. She smiled and waved at my security cameras this morning when she left for work so she’s fine. haha

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