Passive Aggressive Post

To everyone who needs to hear this right now (cough – they know who they are), LinkedIn tells users when someone views their profile.

To everyone who needs to hear this right now, anyone who works online(me) who has half a brain(me, most days) tracks who is searching them on every platform, not just LinkedIn.

Yes, I track when I’m searched on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc, etc, etc…

19 thoughts on “Passive Aggressive Post

      1. The overwhelm of these extra channels for communication and new ways to be burdened with humanity’s foibles. Just clutters life too much for me. I like my old fashioned boundaries lol.


      2. I have to have them. I run advertisements on each of the platforms for work. So I have to have a profile where I’m identified and verified so people know I’m not putting spam out into the interwebs.

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      3. Yeah sorry I did realise that was just thinking out loud and expressing my personal philosophy! I shape my entire life around such self-prescribed ideals, for better or worse 😆. It is a comment on modern society in general and the way that some things look from certain perspectives.


      4. Don’t be sorry!
        I don’t love that my legal name is so easily google-able and I’m so easily find-able. If i didn’t work in this world I probably would try to keep not much of an online presence at all.
        Things got way more strict after Donald Trump was elected and now, we can’t just have profiles exist to run ads, we have to run the personal profiles and prove we’re human twice a year so that platforms can guarantee there aren’t bots sending out propoganda or misleading information. It comes with the territory of what I do, so I started tracking who searches for me. Not that I do anything wrong, I just… it’s a personal safety thing. My personal philosophy is probably quite similar to yours.

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      5. Ah I see…that’s good that those platforms took that step, it seems like a positive thing to do, but having to use your own personal accounts for company marketing is very weird and uncomfortable, stepping over a line. The platforms could try to outlaw and moderate advertisement style posts or allow verifiable company accounts for those perhaps.

        Totally understand your desire to track the searches though! And it must be interesting to see the results.


  1. I think there is a way around this – correct me if I am wrong. I was just on LinkedIn a few minutes to test my theory. I believe you can do a quick search on there without logging in. I don’t think a person is traceable that way. The takeaway for the person searching your name is this: LOG OUT FIRST.


    1. Hypothetically speaking, yes this is a way around it – for most folk. For people who actively work in internet pr, publications, security or other measures that see them online for their job, though, it’s a pretty safe bet they’ve got trackers regardless.

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    1. Maybe. If you live your life online you can either become aware of it and do what you can to protect yourself, or be oblivious. 90% of the world is oblivious to it.


  2. If you are doing business online, that’s just part of the course, unfortunately.

    What I’ve found useful is to never give out your address, and never post pictures in front or around your home. People are crafty these days, they’ll find where you live just by looking at a photo.

    Rember how 4chan found Shia Labeouf? That was insane levels of scary (also interesting to follow, but still…)


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