My piece about working for a startup was submitted to a publication on and accepted. The moment it was accepted the read rate went way up! I’ve gotten quite a few messages from people on that site who have told me that they had very similar experiences working for a startup.

I’m not alone in what I experienced.

I truly think if more people had the ability to share their stories, it would shine an unflattering light on startup life and require some changes to be made for companies who have been taking advantage of employees. I really hope more people share their stories. I’ve been obsessed with reading them this past week.

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  1. I felt very lucky at the time with my startup job which was the first and only one I interviewed for at the time, and wow do I feel it even more now. I just stumbled right into it and it had a great culture which mostly persisted. Shame the industry wasn’t for me though and I struggled for other reasons. But yeah we live and learn that’s always the main thing and secret to success!


    1. We live and we learn. It’s true. I’m sure there are some great startups out there, but it seems like the toxic ones are a lot more prevalent based on what I’ve read. (Take that confirmation bias for what it is, because I certainly understand it as I type it)

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      1. No I totally agree there’re more ways to do things badly than well and that especially applies to start up companies. Requires an extremely rare combination of skills to do it right. I used to idly dream about it. Perhaps a possibility for you in future!


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