Looking for a passive income stream

I’m moving to a new city soon, and I’m looking to find a passive income stream that will allow me to make some extra money on the side.

Does anyone reading this have any passive income streams that work well for them?

I’m not interested in being an influencer. I’m also not interested in crypto.

Many thank yous.

24 thoughts on “Looking for a passive income stream

  1. If you ever have money to buy an investment property, rent is good. Or buy a house with an income suite.


    1. Yeah, I wish!!! This isn’t really feasible. Housing in Canada is INSANE! Basic houses built 50 years ago are selling for over a million dollars.

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      1. True. That’s just what we call it. And you can have a management company if you want.


      1. Haha…not *specifically*. But there is a high incidence of randomly occurring nakedness. Not to mention the largest contingent of participants in our World Naked Bike Ride.
        You get it all here!


  2. You could try selling t-shirts. I remember at one point you were selling them. And if you’re crafty, you could explore Etsy.

    I don’t have a passive income stream. I hope to rent out the townhouse one day but that’s far into the future.


    1. Oh, I love t-shirts, but the difficult thing about that is, you need to have a built-in audience of people who want to purchase them regularly. There are so many options available online, it’s difficult to think of something that hasn’t been done.

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      1. Perhaps you could offer advertising services like other blogs do. It’s not a new concept, but you have the audience for it. Not to mention a stellar DA, the highest I’ve ever seen. Seriously, how did you do that? I often see bloggers offering such services and their DA is low like mine. And yet they are offering “help” to increase traffic which should be a crime imo, since they clearly don’t have the experience that they claim they have. I would leave this to the professionals, and I think you qualify as a professional given the extensive knowledge and background that you have in marketing.

        You also know how to garner traffic so perhaps you could offer services around optimizing SEO and increasing DA. Stuff that bloggers want since bloggers read blogs. 💁‍♀️ Maybe throw in a few t-shirts as a bonus.

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  3. Vee, you are so good at all this social media marketing stuff, your advise is always spot on. Could you do something with that, like a course or training or something. It may not be passive initially but it could be once setup.
    Or a low ticket (price of coffee once a month – monthly) membership here on wordpress.

    I miss your advice -desperately.


    1. Oh, well thank you! It would be really difficult to charge people for that kind of advice because everyone approaches social media so differently.

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      1. It’s definitely been a while since I’ve offered any tips. I’ll see what I can put together for the next few months to offer some tips and tricks.


    1. I haven’t. Most of what I share is just personal advice that I think should be available to people for free. It’s also a lot easier for people to consume in blog posts, even with how much I ramble.


      1. That makes sense! But if it’s something you do, it could still be something you can monetise to a certain extent! They person making use of your book may not be someone who wants to read blogs etc!


      1. Low-content books are books that contain little to no text or images. They provide the reader with guided content. Like journals, recipe books, planners, etc., these are books that usually require less than a few hours to create and that can help you make a four-figure income every month.

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  4. The easiest passive income is through affiliate links for products and services that have used, agree with and would happily promote.

    The easiest way to do this (if you don’t want it on your own website) is to use Pinterest. Set up different types of boards for each area of interest and then attach the affiliate link to the image. Whenever someone saves your image or clicks on the image you’re promoting, they’re taken to the relevant site and you’ll generate income.

    Another option is to do something like proofreading. If you have the skillset for it and have a good command of English, this can generate a decent earning. It takes time to build a client list though asking for reviews for the work you do is a good way of building up your portfolio.

    If I think of anything else, I’ll drop an additional comment.


  5. I know your beliefs about this but I think monetizing by selling digital resources at low prices would be a great way to bring in a passive income, even if it’s only for a few months to see you through. You already have a huge audience and loads of us would be more than happy to support you. Like I said, even if it’s only for a short while until you find something else you’re comfortable with x


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