Quick Sunday Update

I have so much to do in the next few months.

Hey. It’s me. I’m alive and kicking. I’m unsure of what to share on this website as of late, so there’s a lot going on that I haven’t shared. Things like the fact that I no longer work for the startup. I have a new job.

Everything that happened with the startup was a lot to deal with, especially given that the past five months of my life have been nothing short of absolutely awful with respect to my personal life.

Also, I’m moving to a new city. I’m not going to share where or when exactly it is that I am moving, but I’m very excited about it. I think it’s time for me to move on and distance myself from the people in this city who’ve brought so much toxicity to my life.

There will be lots of moving talk, though. I have to buy a new bed. After that, I’ll figure it out as my budget allows. If anyone has any recommendations for a bed to purchase, I will take it. I’ll also need a new nightstand. Probably just one as my new place is quite small.

My brother, his wife and their two children all have COVID right now. They were going to come and visit for spring break, but they’re all sick. My niece and nephew are not vaccinated (too young), so we’re just hoping the kids will be okay.

The last, least important update is that I am now a brunette. As a natural blonde (not a white blonde but more of a dull blonde), I decided it was time for a change. So now I have reddish-brown hair. It looks a little odd now because my eyebrows are lighter than my hair. I am hoping that after a few washes it’ll fade nicely.

31 thoughts on “Quick Sunday Update

      1. Lol I considered it once not gunna lie. In a totally hypothetical romanticised way. I went there as part of that big adventure. Would be a very random choice. But yeah places are very different when visiting vs living lol.

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  1. Lmao I was choosing my first bed yesterday.

    The medium post was very interesting. I can’t believe they fulfilled so many clichés. It sounded like a more toxic version of The Office, like Ryan and Michael trying to make a startup, and you as Pam being taken for a fool!! Glad you got out.

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    1. I knew going in that it was going to be different from what I’d experienced before. But I didn’t think it was going to be quite so bad.

      They’d basically determined how to make their workplace as awful as possible and run with that.

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  2. Glad to hear from you, V. I have seen how this past half year has been on you, and I hope this change will be beneficial for you. I hope you’re taking care of your mental health, and we’ll be here whenever you’re settled in and ready to blog again!

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  3. Jesus H. What a shitty environment at the start-up. I ran a start-up and I don’t care how busy it is and the hours worked, you do not treat people like that and you do not leave your employees doing all the OT work. Wow.

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    1. Yeah, there was a big difference between what the three executives worked and what the rest of us were supposed to work.

      I’m not opposed to long hours. But, if a CEO is going to require your employees to work late, the CEO should be working late too.


  4. Keep your head up! I’m glad things are improving and you have a new job. I’m sure anyone who follows your blog can agree it’s sad and worrying when we see it disappear. Do what you have to do to move forward.


  5. Just read your piece on the start up company. Sounds so much like my old department only it was goverment work. I can never work again I know that. Not just my disability but the micromanagement burned me out. Even three years later, I haven’t recovered. I hope things start getting better for you.

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  6. It’s better to not have a job than working in such a company where you are not respected and you are not getting what you deserve. It is useless to work at a workplace where you are ill-treated. After all, peace of mind is also very important.

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  7. I read your article in Medium, that sounds awful!! I’m sorry you had to go through. I am glad you have cut ties and moving to greener pastures. All the best in the phase!
    P.s. hope your niece and nephew are ok!

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